Convenience is Key.

One of the keys to the success of technology is the convenience we experience.  We have google in our pocket, keyless cars, and 3D printers. Or you can have anything and everything delivered to your house through amazon or ebay.  Now there is a way to automate my hair color...through Madison Reed.

The Kit!
The box arrived at my door step and I really liked that the kit fit in my mailbox.  No going to the post office for the box (extra convenient)!!  It comes with a 2 pairs of gloves, color/developer, creme to put on in case color got on your skin, 3 wipes in case you missed a spot with the creme, shampoo/conditioner for afterwards, cap and of course instructions.  The contents were extremely thorough.  The package was extremely efficient with little to no waste.  I was especially happy about the two pair of comfy gloves that didn't look like lunch lady gloves.  The black cap was nice too.  It definitely beat the saran wrap that I usually use.

In the Process...
I have hair that is quite a few inches past my shoulders but, my hair is thin...I just have a lot of it. One bottle was sufficient for my hair.  I followed the directions to a T.  The formula did not drip.  At. All.    As I began rinsing out my hair, I noticed that there was not a rush of black dye coming out of my head.  I used the shampoo and conditioner.  Every single time that I have dyed my hair at home, when I wash the dye out, my hair looks like it is full of tar.  Then the towel twist is all but dyed that color.  It takes me like 2 days to get out all of the dye.  This was shockingly not the case with Madison Reed.  Once I rinsed my hair, there was little to no remaining dye.  Thankfully, any dye on my skin came right off because of the creme that came with the kit.  I usually get the dye everywhere!  My hair color was even and my hair was actually shiny when I dried it.

Love My New Hair Color.  
Overall I enjoyed my experience with Madison Reed.  The thought that my hair dye could just magically show up in my mailbox when it is time to dye my hair is a great concept.  They also gave me a bunch of cards with codes on them for $15 off!  That's a pretty sweet deal.  

UPDATE:  It has been about a week since I have dyed my hair and the color is still going strong.  No dye rubbed off on anything.  Just silky, shiny black hair.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase anything from Madison Reed  . I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands.