Running with the Ball

As an artist I have an eye for color.  I swear that I can see many more variations than the average person can and differentiate in between the two.  In high school my friends would bring me to the store to help them pick out makeup because I could tell even the slightest of change of shade.  I have recently decided to start a new journey as an artist and branch out to makeup.  No, I am not a trained cosmetologist but I do know a good product and business venture when I see one.

I definitely did my research.  The company is about 2 years old.  The products are all natural, vegan, paraben free and free of many other things that I forgot to list.  The prices are about the same you would spend at Dillard's at any cosmetic counter but, the quality is by far and wide very different.  

For those of you who do not know I have melasma, hyperpigmentation and some sunspots on my face.  The hyperpigmentation is the wonderful afterthought that my cystic acne gave me.  My dermatologist, Dr. Poole, straightened out my coloring so that I don't scare small children if I forget to put makeup on that day.  My melasma will never go away.  I can just make it lighter.  I will always need a hat/SPF100 on my face if in direct sun.  I have tried every department store brand known to man and the ones that I found were able to cover my blemishes but, I looked like I piled on the makeup.  In all honesty, I did but of course we all want to look natural in our makeup not cakey.  Becca and Dermablend worked really well but, it was cake city.  Then, when I saw the crazy video of the girl putting sharpie on her face and then covering it with Mineral Touch, I had to try it.  I ran out of my foundation and shot my friend, Suzanne a message.  She came over and I put on all Younique's products starting with moisturizer, primer, mineral touch foundation, mineral touch concealer.  It is amazing what a few little drops can do!!  I was sold.  I have yellow undertones to my skin and my skin is almost unmatchable.  Merle Norman had to combine 3 tubes to get my color and Chanel couldn't even match me, I know crazy right?  To my surprise, Velour matched me perfectly.  I was in love.  

Then came the cream eyeshadow.  The cream eyeshadows that I have previously encountered were pretty sheer and would crease after a few hours.  I put on Noble then I worked a 5 hour shift (I'm also a bartender).  After the 5 hours, it did not crease one bit, my makeup was pretty much exactly like it was 5 hours since then.  The mascara is just the icing on the cake.  I will admit that I had to watch a YouTube video to see how to apply it correctly.  Sad?  I know.  LOL.  The key is to let the layers dry.  Gel, fibers then let dry even use a hairdryer on cool if you want then coat with transplanting gel.  Letting them dry for about 30 seconds was life changing.

So, this new venture in my life will be a fantastic journey because I can finally be rewarded for being the person who runs with the ball.  In almost every job I have had, I dominate and I make things happen.  I love the organization, preparation and new skills I will learn starting a new business.  I love that I am with a company that rewards their presenters for their hard work.  You definitely get out what you put in and I am in this to win this!