New Year

Yes, this is going to be a stereotypical new year's post with hope for the future and all that nonsense.  But, I would like to encourage others to seek out the same goals in life to make the most out of your year ahead of you.

1. Make small goals.  Losing 50 lbs. would be great but, it might be a little realistic and unhealthy.  Attempt to move more, take the stairs as opposed to the elevator.  Park on the opposite side of the parking lot and make yourself walk.  You will find that these little changes will make you healthier individual and in turn you will probably lose weight.

2. The time is now.  And no, I didn't get that from a fortune cookie either.  I'm 35 years old and I realize I am 5 years away from the big 4-0.  I have always wanted to study journalism and possibly become a reporter.  I now write on this blog.  Technology has helped me to get my feet a little wet and my voice heard.  I want my art to be known.  Yes, I am also an abstract artist.  I plan on honing that skill and marketing my pieces to venues.  No one is going to do it for you.  No one is going to make your dreams come true.  But, you can.  Listen to that inner voice that is trying to get out and shut down the negativity!

3.  Toxicity.  Friends.  Family.  Work.  Get rid of it. All of it.  Do you have a friend that drags the life out of you and brings you down to their level?  Let them find a new friend somewhere else.  Do your in-laws or any other family member degrade you or treat you subservient?  Distance yourself from them as best you can.  If you can, cut them out completely.  I know that is pretty harsh.  I understand what I am suggesting but, if there are no other alternatives and they aren't changing anytime soon, get out and away for your health.  Tired of your cubicle?  Change jobs.  Change careers.  Change your mind and the frame of your thinking and you will find that even though it might seem scary, it will probably be the best thing you ever did for yourself.

4.  Stay Positive.  Throw the negativity in the garbage where it belongs.  Throw the negative friends out with it.  Find the silver lining in every grey cloud.  Don't make fun of people just because they are different.  Try to embrace each other's differences and find a common ground.  Understand empathy.  Try and see the situation from their perspective.  If you practice this daily, your mental health and your outlook on life will be much brighter.

5.  Gossip.  Well, there is a fine line inbetween facts and gossip.  If you can say it to their face, it is a fact.  If you only say it behind their back, it's gossip.  Don't start rumors and don't perpetuate them either.  If you hear something about yourself, go straight to the source and politely ask them about it.  Try to be the person that is a straight shooter.   The best way to deflect gossip is to call people on their words.  Ask for sources of information and point out flaws in their argument.  Try to show them the silver lining to the possible grey cloud hovering over someone.  Remember, everyone is battling someone or something in life.  We are all not perfect.

6. Be nice to yourself.  Be nice to others too but, most importantly yourself.  You have made it this far in your life without falling apart, be proud of how far you have come.  Make sure you take time out for yourself to be yourself.  Jam out to some gangsta rap, take a hot bath or just paint your toes to help you remember how badass you really are.

The new year is a time for renewal but, any day of the year can be a time for renewal.  We don't have to flip the calendar in order to make changes in our life.  Change your mind.  Take small steps and you'll get there.  Just give yourself the time.