Fall 2015 Rundown

Ahhh...Fall, my favorite season of the year.  Boots, sweaters and scarves, oh my!!  There a few additions to the already staples of your winter wardrobe.

Mod Dress from FrenchieYork on Etsy
The color palette for this fall/winter is a set of colors that look like the colors just have a little bit of dust on them.  Beautiful yet, that is basically how I would describe them.  The palette can be found here.  Marsala is a favorite of mine next to Reflecting Pond and Biscay Bay or Amethyst Orchid.

60's Mod Dresses are back.  I love these dresses but, they do not seem to love me...  Those of us with a few more curves may seem that these are too boxy on us and they never seem long enough.  Boxy doesn't hold much booty!

Adrianna Papell @ Dillards
Oxblood Red anything is a favorite color of mine alongside the current palette.  I'm pretty sure that Starlord brought it back but either way, I'm a happy camper.

Floral and Denim with a little Brocade is all the rage.  Denim that has floral patterns is even better.  Brocade can be uncomfortable if you purchase a cheap brocade piece for your wardrobe.  In fact, that is a rule for just about any fabric, clothing, jacket, etc...if it is cheap, you can almost guarantee that it will be itchy.  Believe me.  I have had my fair share of cheap outfits and there are middle of the road designers that put out a quality product for a moderate price.  For instance Adrianna Papell.  She can do almost no wrong whatsoever.  It's purple and turquoise...my heart be still...and brocade and midi length.   What's wrong with it?  It's not hanging in my closet right now.  That is the only thing wrong with it.
AE Hi-Rise Boho Artist Flare

High Waistlines!  Yes and double yes!  I am now a mother of 2 so, this is a huge plus for me and my unwanted poundage.  Thank you fashion world for bringing this back into style so that I can stop pulling up my pants or worrying about my underwear showing from my hiphugger jeans.  I also love that American Eagle came back with names of their jeans and not just numbers....I wish the Limited would learn the same lesson.

The one fad I cannot get behind is the poncho.  Unless it is raining or you are at a football game trying to stay warm, I cannot get behind that fad.  It looks great on others just not on me.  I feel like I'm literally wearing a tent.

Faux Suede Vegan Fringe Hobo by VelvetBrowne
Fringe!  The more the better!  I've seen it on just about any accessory right down to your toes.  My favorite has to be fringe bags!  They are fun, flirty and since they are made out of faux suede like this beauty, they are very durable and affordable.

Lily Star Top @ Dillards
Bold, bright prints are in as well as ultra feminine tops. I prefer to have my accessories do the talking so, bold bright prints aren't my fav.  The Victorian-Era-Esque tops are beautiful.  These tops are by far the most versatile staple that you could acquire from this season.  Great for the office under a suit, dressed up with a wiggle skirt and heels for a date out or dressed down with some jeans and flats for a family outing.

Overall my favorite addition to this season is the high waist jean because it is so comfortable.  Thankfully this time around the fashion Gods have gotten it right, no Mom Jeans just jeans that Moms can be sexy and comfortable!